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Matthew Crawford was a philosophy teacher in a well known Washington Political Sciences school. Tired of his well paid work, he quit to open a mechanic’s workshop to fix motorcycles. In his book Shop Class as Soulcraft: An Inquiry Into the Value of Work, he tells his story showing that fixing things with the hands can lead to an aware usage, a better relationship with surrounding environment, and an emancipation from an unclear technology which enslave us; in other words, it is good for our soul. Just like Crawford, Amos Paul Kennedy discovered manual labour using his typewriter he received as a gift and he did this after his mathematical studies and twenty years of work for companies including At&t and Ibm.

When I read these stories, I felt relieved. I thought I was not crazy because I was not the first to do this. But I still work as a graphic designer, not only for the clients of my agency, but for myself too. I do tests, handle, print, wrap, unload, talk to manufacturers and much more. Typuglia is a project and I want it to be something more than a typical Apulian products brand. I have many ideas to work on! Time will tell.

The most important thing I want to tell is that Typuglia would not have been possible without the utmost collaboration of many friends and acquaintances who believed in me doing something crazy. Thanks to Roll and all the team, the suppliers, the manufacturers, my friend and colleague Mauro (ceaseless source of stories and ideas who made me know Matthew Crawford’s story!), Lalalab, Pinuccio (so many words!), Mario, Antonio and Roberto, Ettore, Nunzio, Aiap, and I hope I did not forget anyone. I am grateful from the bottom of my heart!


The “Typuglia lightbox” project is patented.
Typuglia brand is distributed by:

Pellegrino srl
c.da La Spineta / 76123 Andria (Bt) Italy
vat IT04099700728
t +39 0883 569 770
f  +39 0883 569 763

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